Alleppey town .com welcomes any one who is passionate about Alleppey to be part of this website . if you are a first time user here , this page will help you to address some of the common doubts  you may have  when you are using a community site  in a blog platform.  If  you are comfortable with the normal use of a community site you will find this site quite easy. But we are not expecting everyone who visit this site to be a tech savvy. So here are some of the simple questions you may have in your mind when you come across this site .


1. There are so many websites in web about Alleppey . So , what is the significance of this one in particular ?

Yes , If you google for alleppey , you may land on so many websites. But how many of them are for a person from Alleppey? . This website is not only gives information about the backwater tourism and home stays , but is also  designed to act a  community portal where persons from Alleppey can meet and share their ideas about making our town a better place to live and visit.  In the fully updated form , it will serve you as the ultimate refernce for anything related to Alleppey . We are working towards it .


2. I am from Alleppey , what I am supposed to do to  be part of the team ?

You are welcome . The site is open to all the persons who is passionate about Alleppey. Through a simple registration process , you can be aprt of the team. Even if you are not registering on this site , you can still read all the  contents on this website . But registration  will make you capable of  giving your contributions to this site in the form of postings and comments .


3. Is this site is only for persons from Alleppey ? Can I join your team even if am from another part of the glob ?

The website is open to all. We believe that you are here because you are passionate about Alleppey . Share your experience and opinions about this small town and the backwaters and villages surrounding it , post  your pictures when you are at Alleppey    🙂


4. I do not know how to register on a website and how to post messages and pictures .  Can you help me ?


yes , our team members created some tutorials for the same . It will help you to login and use this website and almost all the community websites . click the link below to learn more about


(a)      Registering your account with

(b)      Posting Contents to

(c)     Updating your profile page and avatar in