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As a person who lives in Alleppey , the light house is a normal sight for me which does not attract my attention till date . It is quite obvious that you miss most the wonderful things in your home town and visit other places as a tourist and find some less important objects more fascinating .

Today with one of my fellow MVP Mr Nirmal who visited Alleppey , I visited the light house from a tourists perspective . Keying in my experience here so that somebody who plan to visit Alleppey with get advantage out of this information.

Light house in Alleppey is established in 1862 and the light source was changed to electrical light in 1960. In good old times of Alleppey port , it act as a guiding source for numerous ships which reached the Alleppey port . As the time passed and the the importance of the port was diminished but still the light house serves it duty of sending the light across 16 miles to the sea. By the way , i am not that much keen on history of my home town and all the dates and facts i furnished in this paragraph was obtained from this board on the light house.

After an unscheduled meeting with nirmal , at Alleppey beach we plan to visit the light house. Even though the significance of light house is diminished , the government still maintains the premises with a group of  port officials and keep it as a production environment than just a tourist attraction . So the visitors are limited to a time slot of 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM. So it is quite obvious that you can not use the chance  for  a sun set view from the light house.  There was a photo restriction in earlier days but that was lifted as the officer who greeted us offered a pass for a still camera  for twenty rupees.

The light house is a magnificent structure which stood before us with hight of an average 10 story building and the 19th century construction stood there welcoming the visitors from 21st century . It become quite apparent that  it is going to be little tough job for us to climb the steep wooden staircase all the way to to that ten story structure . But our enthusiasm   droved us all the way up and we are there to enjoy the magnificent view of the Alleppey beach and the heritage buildings up from the light house .

It is quite obvious that the structure could not tolerate a huge in rush of tourists and the wooden staircases are so narrow that it will permit only one person to climb in one direction at a time . The environment is not suited for families with small children or the persons with health issues . I am posting some pictures  we have taken from the top of the light house for you .



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