Alleppey Sea Bridge – a flashback , thanks to Fazil


when ever I spend my weekend at alleppey beach  and see the corrodded iron structure which was once the sea Bridge and  the landmark of Alleppey , the mind has a natural habit of going back to the old days were the bridge stand there in its full glory. No ….am not talking about the days when Alleppey was the commercial hub of travancore and the port was busy ….. I am talking about 80’s and 90’s when the port was there bearing the memories of a good old time . But at these times it was a real souvenir of a golden  time and the port authorities were preserving it with much importance . It was under the control of government machinery and the port office was functioning with government staff doing nothing  and collecting salary .

There was restriction on photography and videography and normally they will not admit people to the bridge except local fishermen. If authorities took  enough care to preserve the monument , I will not be keeping  myself away from the iron strctures on the sand which will  hurt my legs if I run over it.

I was just thinking about how the place much have looked like back in 80’s when I visted this place as a school boy , the memories were not so vivid but I clearly remember the climax scene of a Fazil movie in which  the character played by Mamooty was shot dead by a character done by Suresh Gopi. rather than the blood shedding climax of that film what appealed to me even as a small boy is  the glory of the Alleppey sea bridge were the climax scene was taken. At that  time normal people are restricted entry to that place but  film shooting were done with permission from government authorities .

I am embedding the clip from youtube  for you . just ignore the actors out there and look how great the sea bridge looks on the background



Hope it will ignite a talk on the present situation of the bridge …..

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